Toshiba  -  ATLAS CD-ROM

ATLAS = Automated Technical Library and Support

The ATLAS CD-ROM is described on page 2-3 of the document here.

A lot of the CD-ROM content is viewed via a program (see picture below) that needs to be installed (from the CD-ROM).

There are two CD-ROMs available for download here, one from 1995 and one from 1997, both provided by Jason at Chicago Classic Computing.
The 1995 CD-ROM has scans of original manuals, whereas the 1997 CD-ROM has those manuals converted to a text based form.
The 1997 CD-ROM is missing some manuals that are on the earlier 1995 CD-ROM.

The viewing program on the 1997 dated CD-ROM can be installed to and run within Windows XP.

ISO image of 1995 dated ATLAS CD-ROM    ( 270 MB download )  ( installation password is not known )

ISO image of 1997 dated ATLAS CD-ROM    ( 160 MB download )  ( installation password: ATL6692 )