Toshiba T1100 PLUS  -  Power Source

IMPORTANT:  T1100 PLUS, not the T1100

Power options

From the T1100 PLUS User's Manual:

• "The T1100 PLUS is powered by an internal rechargable battery or by power from an AC adapter attached to a wall socket. The internal battery is recharged by the AC adapter."

Battery charging

From the T1100 PLUS User's Manual:

• "When the battery is completely drained, even the Low Battery light does not work."
• "You can use the computer with the AC adapter connected, even if the battery power is low. However, the adapter will not recharge the battery while the T1100 PLUS is on.""
• "If the computer is off, the AC adapter begins recharging the battery."

AC adapters

Page 1-6 of the T1100 PLUS Maintenance Manual indicates that the output of the AC adapter is 9V DC.   (Note: The 18V shown on page 1-21 is for the SD-521 external floppy drive.)

The flyer also indicates 9V DC output.

Toshiba part number Input voltage Output Photo     Comments
PA7482U 120V AC 9V DC @ 1.1 amps here  Source of part number: here
PA7484U  100 - 264V AC 9V DC @ 1.1 amps    Source of part number: here