Intel EtherExpress PRO/10+ ISA

Not to be confused with the earlier version of the card, the Intel EtherExpress PRO/10

Intel also made a PCI version of this card.

8-bit slot or 16-bit slot operation, however the software does not support 8088 or 8086 based computers such as the IBM 5150 (IBM PC) and IBM 5160 (IBM XT).
And so 8-bit operation must have been intended for an 8-bit slot in an 80286 (or above) computer.
It is possible that replacing the 8088 chip with a V20 may enable the software to run.

PRO/10+ Installation Guide   (8 MB)

Incompatibilities and other important information

Configuration and Driver Diskette, version 3.5    (includes SOFTSET2 version 4.10)   (not a boot disk)