Supersoft/Landmark Diagnostic ROMs for IBM 5170

Version 1.2.0

On an IBM 5170 motherboard, sockets U27 and U47 are where the two Supersoft/Landmark ROMs needs to be placed.

The 5170 motherboard requires EPROMs of type 27256 (or 27C256), rated at 150 ns or faster.
Burn the following images to such EPROMs, then place the EPROMs in sockets U27 and U47.

U27 image
U47 image

Important Notes:

There is a 20 second delay before anything is seen on the display.  Be patient.
At power-on time, this AT version of the Supersoft/Landmark ROMs is known to erroneously beep the speaker with a pattern that the user's manual (page 40/41) indicates "Cannot initialize monitor".
Some video cards will not work with this AT version of the Supersoft/Landmark ROMs.
The user's manual indicates a requirement for MDA (monochrome) or CGA video cards.

- My functional IBM MDA card does not work (no beeps, no display).  My second functional IBM MDA card does the same.
- My IBM CGA card works.
- My IBM EGA card will display, but poorly.

- My unbranded clone MDA card works.
- My unbranded clone CGA card works.

- VGA cards do not work.
On a 6 MHz 5170, the PROTECTED MODE CPU test takes 25 seconds to complete.  Be patient.
On my fully functional IBM 5170 motherboards, the PROTECTED MODE CPU test does something odd.  Three things happen:
    1. On the speaker, I hear the error pattern for "Cannot initialize monitor".
    2. If I am using an IBM CGA video card, I see what appears to be 'CGA snow'.
    3. "1 FAILED" is written to the top line.  (photo)
The PROTECTED MODE CPU test is then indicated as "PASSED", then testing continues.

Minor Notes:

The Supersoft/Landmark ROMs even generate a display if there is no RAM on the motherboard.  More information here.
The setting of SW1 on the 5170 motherboard does not matter.
No battery required.
Does not output POST codes to port 80h.