IBM 51xx PC Family Computers

This web site is not intended as an introduction to the IBM 51xx PC family of computers.
Instead, this web site is intended to be a reference for computer-savvy people who are already familiar with the IBM 51xx PC family of computers.
This web site contains information that ranges from basic to very technical.

IBM 4860/5140/5150/5155/5160/5162/5170
IBM Hardware Maintenance Service
IBM Options and Adapters
IBM Hardware Maintenance Reference
4860 =  PCjr
5140 =  PC Convertible
5150 =  PC
5151 =  Monochrome Display
5152 =  Graphics Printer
5153 =  Color Display                     ( display for CGA )
5154 =  Enhanced Color Display     ( display for EGA or CGA )
5155 =  Portable PC
5160 =  XT
5161 =  Expansion Unit
5162 =  XT Model 286         ( XT/286 ) ( an AT class system, not XT )
5170 =  AT

IBM 5150  
Documentation Early Version
Motherboard Switch/Jumper Settings Substituting the U33 ROM
Known Problems/Issues  
BIOS Revisions Minimum Diagnostic Configuration
Some Expansion Cards and Options 10/27/82 BIOS - Problem of less than 4 banks of RAM
POST and Initialisation Test of SW1 and SW2 via BASIC
Memory Map of the 640 KB to 1 MB Area Using an AT-Class Keyboard
RAM Information VGA Cards
Power Measurements  
Motherboard Diagrams  

IBM 5151

CRT Heater
IBM 5152

IBM 5153

IBM 5154

Known Problems/Issues

IBM 5155  
Documentation Photo of Inside
Motherboard Switch/Jumper Settings Power Supply
Known Problems/Issues CRT Shield Removal
BIOS Revisions Connection of CRT Display Unit to Video Card
POST and Initialisation Minimum Diagnostic Configuration
Memory Map of the 640 KB to 1 MB Area Test of SW1 via BASIC
Power Measurements Expansion Slot 8
Motherboard Diagrams  

IBM 5160  
Documentation Significant Differences to the IBM 5150
Motherboard Switch/Jumper Settings IBM/Xebec HDD Controllers Supplied
Known Problems/Issues Hard Drive Cabling
BIOS Revisions Expansion Slot 8
Some Expansion Cards and Options Using an AT-Class Keyboard
POST and Initialisation VGA Cards
Memory Map of the 640 KB to 1 MB Area Minimum Diagnostic Configuration
Power Measurements Test of SW1 via BASIC
Motherboard Diagrams  

IBM 5161

IBM 5162

Known Problems/Issues
BIOS Revisions

IBM 5170  
Documentation SETUP Procedure
Motherboard Switch/Jumper Settings Support for 3.5" Diskettes
Known Problems/Issues Hard Drive Type Number
Motherboard Revisions Hard Drive Cabling
BIOS Revisions Some On-Screen POST Errors
Some Expansion Cards and Options Battery
Memory Map of the 640 KB to 1 MB Area Failures of the CMI 6426 Hard Drive
RAM Information  
Motherboard Diagrams  

Images of Various ROMs  
Images of BIOS ROMs for IBM 5150/5155/5160/5162/5170  
Images of BIOS ROMs for Certain XT Clones  
Supersoft/Landmark Diagnostic ROMs for IBM 5150/5155/5160/5170  

DOS Programs Commonly Failing Electronic Components (in Old Computers)
RTC Programs Changes to the ST-506/ST-412 Interface
MDA / CGA / EGA Micro Solutions Backpack CD-ROM Drive
BIOS Video Modes Transferring Files From a Modern PC to an Old PC
POST Cards History of 5150/5155/5160/5170 Motherboard Failure at the VCF
Resources at Other Internet Sites Floppy Crossover Cable - Wiring